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Mingo County Man Arrested In Connection With Domestic Violence

A Mingo County man faces charges after allegedly holding a woman against her will and beating her over the course of several days.

According to a criminal complaint, 28-year-old Jonathan Vance of Dingess was arrested Sunday.

The victim told police about Vance strangled her, hit her with closed fists, drug her across the floor and hit her head against the post of a vehicle on Friday. The victim stated he also said he would “kill her” if she tried to leave.

On Saturday, Vance was driving with the victim, and was allegedly still holding her against her will. The victim waited for Vance to slow the vehicle down. Once the vehicle was going around 30 miles an hour, deputies say the victim jumped out of the vehicle and called 911 at a residence in Breeden.

The victim was treated for her injuries at Logan Regional Medical Center.

Vance is currently being held at South Western Regional Jail.

Jonathan Vance faces charges of domestic battery, kidnapping, strangulation, and malicious wounding.



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