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The Nathan Rumble pays tribute to beloved broadcaster

MADISON All Star Wrestling’s Nathan Rumble match pays tribute to passed commentator, fan, and friend.

Saturday, November fourth is the memorial Nathan Bush Rumble. An over-top rope battle royal much like the popular WWE’s Royal Rumble match. Two competitors start in the ring and a new entrant added in timed intervals.

A broadcast journalist, Nathan Bush was the lead color commentator for WVOW Sports and ASW’s live events. Nathan unexpectedly passed away on Tuesday, October fifth of 2021. He was 31.

His commentary partner Josh Brown says Nathan is missed at every event.

“We don’t have him there,” Brown recently told WVOW News. “It’s a big hole in the ASW roster. There’s always going to be that hole of not having him there as not only my commentary partner, but also my friend.”

Brown and Bush were friends for more than a decade. They started off performing in a band, Meet Me In The Matinee, and soon were the voices of All-Star Wrestling.

The 2023 Nathan Rumble is the second annual event. Initially, ASW conducted a single elimination tournament in honor of Bush in Harts,WVa back in December of 2021. Bush advocated for a single night tournament when a competitor would have to wrestle three or more matches in one night. Vance Desmond won that tournament.

The Royal Rumble match, an annual event with the big prize of a championship match at WrestleMania was possibly Nathan’s favorite. WVOW’s Aaron Stone was broadcast partners with Nathan on the World View of Wrestling.

“It was a niche show,” Stone explained. “It was not a show for the casual fan. Nathan and I just talked for an hour about wrestling. We picked our fantasy Survivor Series teams. We had a big screen in the studio watching and broadcasting the show live on the air. Giving real time reaction to the 2020 Rumble as it was happening.”

Aaron West won the inaugural Rumble last year and this year fifteen competitors hope to win a Nathan.

The “Bad Man from Borger, Texas” and WWE Hall of Famer, Stan “The Lariat” Hansen will be at the Nathan Rumble in Madison. Fun fact, Hansen was one of Nathan’s picks for his Survivor Series team.

Stan Hansen built a career on beating people up. He worked with every promotion, basically. He was primarily known for ensuing violence and heavy hitting action.

“This man’s hands are like frying pans,” Brown said. “No wonder when he threw a lariat it hurt somebody so bad.”

Hansen won numerous tag team championships in his career. He held the American Wrestling Association (AWA) Heavyweight Championship for six months in the mid-eighties.

Hansen is expected to wrap up his personal appearances soon and the 74-year-old may be leading the quieter life soon. This year’s Nathan Rumble may be the last time for fans to meet the legend.

“That’s what I’ve heard,” Brown said. “He’s winding down his appearances. We’re honored to have him here and I’m sure Nathan feels the same way.”

The rest of the card includes Brian Myers and Matt Cardona (previously in WWE wrestling as Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder respectively) scheduled in the main event with a tag team match against DD Trash, Ron Mathis and Bruce Gray managed by “Glamorous” Gary Damron.

Bell time is at seven o’clock Saturday, November fourth at the Madison Civic Center in Boone County.

Doors open at five.

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