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Trooper Faces Domestic Battery & Burglary Charges In Wyoming County

A state trooper faces charges of domestic battery and burglary in Wyoming County.

According to a news release from Pineville Police Chief Zack Helmandollar, State Police Trooper James Bradford Fox was arrested after an alleged domestic disturbance Thursday, October 21 in Pineville,

The criminal complaint in Wyoming County Magistrate Court alleged the disturbance happened on Bearhole Road.

According to the complaint, Fox and a woman were arguing on the porch of the residence when Pineville Police arrived. Fox stated he was there to fight a man that wouldn’t come out of the house.

“He then stated that he never touched anyone because the male would not come out,” wrote responding Pineville Police Capt. Kevin Smith.

The woman at the residence said Fox has persisted with phone calls and continues to show up at the residence since the two broke off a relationship. She stated Fox pushed her and refused to leave.

A second man at the residence seemed to back up the woman’s story.

Another witness contradicted earlier statements and said the woman opened the door and pushed Fox.

Fox was arraigned and has posted bond.

Fox was placed on administrative leave pending the results of a criminal and internal investigation, a state police spokesman told WV MetroNews



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