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WV BOE set for review Logan County Schools


CHARLESTON It has been just over a month since a Special Circumstance Review of Logan County Schools began on Thursday, September fifteenth. Just under a week, this Thursday the public will hear the findings of that investigation.

This Thursday, The West Virginia Board of Education will meet in special session to hear the report on the status of Logan County Schools.

State Board President Paul Hardesty, a former member and past president of the Logan County Board of Education, said Friday there isn’t anymore information until the report is delivered later this week.

“Don’t know what that report entails at this point in time, but when we hear it, I’m sure the superintendent will have a recommendation to present to the board at that time,” President Hardesty told WVOW News. “No idea what he is thinking. I know I’m vague in my comments, but we don’t really know much until we see and hear the report.”

A team from the state department of education’s Office of Support and Accountability arrived early the morning of Thursday, September fifteenth.

Inaccurate and spurious comments of a federal raid were quickly dismissed during that morning’s episode of WVOW’s What’s Your Opinion.

WVOW News obtained the email notice of the team arriving at Logan County Schools Central Office. The email sent from Department of Education Coordinator Charlene Coburn to Logan County Superintendent Patricia Lucas was dated at 5:59 a.m. the morning of September fifteenth.

The review was at the specific direction of the State Superintendent, David Roach, to investigate official complaints submitted to the department of education and through routine federal programs monitoring, according to the email.

A statement from the department of education last week said the investigation included a review of documents and interviews of county personnel.

State Board of Education members will meet in special session this Thursday morning at 10 o’clock.

A live audio stream of the meeting will be available at



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